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About Us

  • Asoug is a unique entity that is based on creativity and excellence, a global thought consisting of a system of local, regional and international partnerships
  • It cares for the wholesale and retail trade of selective goods and supports the export and import sector
  • It works as a business network by creating investment opportunities and creating effective marketing methods and channels for communicating with members
  • Asoug idea stems from being the main engine as a market for multiple sellers and for some selected commodities
  • Enables the growth of exports and trade, as a public auction site, and as a retail site
  • Providing spatial and temporal service to members and as a reliable channel between the commercial sector
  • To work according to the needs of the members, taking into account the security and the possibility of payment through multiple channels such as transferring to the member’s account directly or the Internet, the ability to pay in cash upon receipt of goods, and the possibility of returning them for free.



Our Vision

To be the pioneer in wholesale trade, export and import support, and services as a unique entity unlike any other


Our Mission

Improving export and trade operations and associated activities