Asoug Academy

About Us

  • Asoug Academy seeks to prepare and qualify members of society in various fields that are in line with the needs of the labor market in the field of wholesale and export trade, opening a job opportunity and improving the quality and efficiency of the labor market through training and qualification and changing marketing concepts of factories, wholesalers and exporters


Our Mission

  • Enabling and disseminating the e-marketing culture and related activities through training and qualification


Courses and programs

  • Training course for production managers in industrial establishments
  • Applications of the value-added tax law
  • A training course to prepare a professional export specialist
  • A course in international trade contracts and import and export systems
  • Basic customer service and skills course
  • Google AdWords course
  • A course in social media management
  • Program of electronic marketing plans and strategies
  • A course in communication skills in remote work
  • Telephone marketing course
  • Internet export and import course
  • Our Goals

    • To cover the needs of human cadres for the trade, import and export sector
    • Providing an appropriate environment and transforming society from pastoral to development by mastering professional training
    • Increasing the qualified and access to jobs in the shortest way, achieving quality and enhancing competition
    • Enhancing the skills of electronic marketing and keeping pace with the thinking of the sharing economy
    • Creating an attractive and fertile environment for exchanging knowledge, which will be positively reflected on the platform members


    Our Vision

    • To be the main engine in supporting digital marketing concepts for the wholesale and export sector