Shipping Method

Shipping service by ASOUG platform

Shipping by ASOUG platform is a service that carries the hassle of thinking about how to ship your commodity and what are the best shipping companies to deal with ... We save you the time and effort ... We take charge of shipping, customs clearance and warehouse services at the best prices and in a way that meets your needs through our best partners of shipping companies and customs brokers.


Advantages of using shipping by ASOUG platform

Winning the Buy Box
When there is more than one seller for a particular product, the bid that wins the Buy box first appears on the product detail page. Customers are more likely to add this offer to their shopping cart. Since ASOUG platform undertakes the delivery and logistics of products that are shipped by ASOUG platform, these products have a higher chance of winning the purchase square.

Your products qualify for free shipping and fast deals
When products are listed with shipping service by ASOUG platform, the products are eligible for free shipping. The products listed with the shipping service are displayed by ASOUG platform, so that customers know that ASOUG handles the preparation, packaging, delivery, customer service and returns management. 

24/7 customer service
With shipping by ASOUG platform, ASOUG platform provides reliable, round-the-clock support to answer customer inquiries, returns requests and refunds. Customer satisfaction leads to positive reviews and thus increased sales.

Paying for services - simple
The flexible pricing structure for the freight service by ASOUG means that you only pay for the services you use - no additional subscription fees, no minimum units, and no start-up fees.

Our own shipping companies

If you have a tracking number for your order, the shipping company may have more information than you will find on ASOUG platform. When you complete an order, include a phone number with the delivery address. If there is any problem related to the delivery, the shipping company will use the phone number to contact you.

Want to track a shipment? Find tracking information and order details in Your orders.
ASOUG platform provides updated tracking information within "Your Orders", which you can access by clicking on the "Track Shipment" button.

Tracking and contact information for shipping company

Contact information for shipping company

920009999 (24/7)




92 000 5700

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