Our Services

Promotion and wholesale marketing of products on behalf of others
  • Creating economic opportunities and activities by strengthening the link between importers, wholesalers and retailers, and between the industrial sector, wholesalers and exporters
  • Providing distinguished and value-added services to the trade sector in light of partnerships with several service providers
Connecting members with logistics, testing and inspection service providers
  • Market Express is an innovative digital platform as a link between wholesalers, agents and target groups to provide spatial and temporal service by linking members, product importers, distributors, logistics and inspection service providers and many product and service marketers on behalf of others
Organizing meetings and Events
  • Organizing many meetings, events, workshops and holding events
  • Contribute to organizing meetings and events of trade delegations and international relations
  • Launching products, promoting investment opportunities, and searching for investors
  • Marketing international exhibitions and commercial events and contributing to marketing sponsorships
  • Studying markets and highlighting opportunities, challenges, opportunities and risks
Build partnership with funding Agencies
  • Market Express looks forward to its services to include building a partnership with funding agencies, including investors, investment funds, crowdfunding, installments, and entities that serve the trade sector by establishing partnerships with service providers.